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A bride-to-be wants to have this cake done for her wedding in June. The sizes of the cakes are 12", 8" and 6" The bottom tier is in chocolate and the other two tiers will be dummies. She wants the flowers and vines in purple instead of blue.

In light of this, can I get assistance with the following questions:

Can I use Americolor violet to get purple?
Should I add dowel rods to the bottom layer (what tutorial you recommend)?
There is a glossy look to the cake and flowers, how was this effect achieved?
Is there a tutorial on how to make the vines on the cake?
What flowers is this and the tutorial for same?
The border for each tier looks like mini pearls (not edible), could you confirm?
What size of cake board is recommended?

I saw craftsy is offering a course on making swags etc, so I will sign up for it, with about two weeks to go before the wedding, there is still time.

Any other suggestions to execute this wedding cake will be appreciated, thanks.


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Yum Cakes and Treats ...

I will try to answer all your questions:
1) Americolour violet is great
2) I would put dowels (thin reinforced straw kind)
3) The gloss can be created by using a steamer above your cake.
4) Wilton has a mold for these vines and flowers (available at Michaels or online)
5) the pearl beads are a mold as well. You can also buy edible pearls
6) swags- just accordion fold a rectangle of fondant and then drape it
Good luck with this!!! Post pics after!

kmac ...

Thank you for your assistance. I maximize the size of the page, the beads look non-edible applied with either buttercream or RI, it seems like a string of beads on each tier.

I know how much fondant will cover the dummies and real cake, but do you know how much I’ll need for the drapes/swags. Also how much chocolate batter will fill a 12’ pan? Thanks.