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I have a couple of weeks coming up in the next month or so that are going to be super packed with cakes…and then I have weeks I have no cakes or only 1. So, I’m wondering…how far ahead can I work on decorations for the cakes? (Working with fondant & gum paste). I’m thinking it would be less stressful if I could work ahead and at least get some of the embellishments done and make up several batches of MMF. I saw the tutorial on here (which looked like great advice), but I’m wondering if the fondant/gumpaste would still dry out too much if I made them too far ahead or is there a way to keep them moist and pliable?


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Kara ...

You can make fondant decorations ahead of time and freeze them. Take them out and let them warm up and they’ll be fine to use. Gumpaste needs to dry out anyway, so you can do those way ahead of time if you’re making flowers etc.

Jessica ...

It all depends on the items you need to make, I have made some things weeks ahead (gumpaste) and some fondant stuff the week ahead. If your working with the color purple make sure you keep it out of the light, it will fade to blue. All colors can fade so be careful but purple can fade fast!

CrystalMemories ...

Oh! Good to know. Thank you both. I had no idea purple would fade that bad. I have 3 cakes this week, but they are spread so I think I’ll be ok. But, in May I have some big ones all on the same weeks so I think I’m going to try the “work ahead” route for those weeks….

Tiffany Palmer ...

Yes keep your pieces out of light…purple fades very quickly as well as some reds and blacks. Especially if you have any type of fluorescent lighting it will do this.