Where do you buy sprinkles?

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Do you get them online? In bulk or not in bulk?


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Jessica ...

I generally stock up on sprinkles when they go on sale at the stores. I dont use them very often but I I try to buy a couple during each holiday season, hearts during valentines, leaves during fall season just so if I need some I got some. If I buy sprinkles online I get them at sugarcraft. Only really bought white from them so far.

Nikki Belleperche ...

When I buy online so far I like country kitchen..but they are also the only ones I have ordered online so far lol. I also try to get sprinkles when they go on sale! Can’t beat those discount prices!

Jessica ...

Country Kitchen is a great site I have used them as well!

Sarah ...

We have a local store here in northeast PA that sells bulk food and I always get my sprinkles from them. They do have a website – www.bulkfood.net
Though this is for the BIG bags of sprinkles. They have shaped ones and jimmies and all kinds :) Hope this helps!

Bridgette ...

Thanks you guys! :)

Sweets By Monica ...

I Like Layer Cake Shop, www.layercakeshop.com