What are your top 3 favorite decorating tools?

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If you had to pick 3 tools you couldn’t live without what would you pick?

Mine are:
1) Ateco Silicone Fondant Mat
2) My clay gun
3) A sharp X-Acto Knife

I’m curious what others would pick!

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Jessica, Kodiak Alaska http://www.facebook.com/ConceptualConfections


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Bakermama ...

Great question starter Jessica! Can’t wait to see what everyone puts. Might be adding new things to my wish list.

My locking/tilting cake turn table by far my #1…
Then also my ateco mat & xacto knife :)

Jessica ...

I need a new turntable Thea! I have the same ateco one for 12 years and it was used when I got it but I have been turning the base for nearly 10 yrs! I dont know if I could handle a turn table that actually turns lol. My ateco mat I love too!

Kathy Kmonk ...

My top three are… 1. My Kitchen Aid mixers. That’s right, I have two. I use my 15 year old classic for small
batches and the 6qt. Pro 600 for large batches.

2. Saran wrap (for rolling my icing into tubes to fill my pastry bags. Makes for easy clean up)

3. My tilting turn table. (Love the new Wilton one.)

Jayne Plant ...

Oh Kathy, the idea of rolling the icing in saran wrap is such a fab idea for filling pastry bags… I always manage to put it all over the kitchen top before making it into the bag!!!

My top 3 have to be…
1. My kichenaid mixer,
2. a new discovery… colour shaper tools for sugar modelling (usually used by artists with clay and acrylics)
3. rolling mat… think that’s the same as the american ateco mat?!? for rolling fondant

Like Jessica, I need a new turntable, mines a basic one, no tilting :(

Tiffany Palmer ...

Great question! Hard to pick just there lol.

1. My new KitchenAid mixer! I bought the 6qt Professional 600 and I love it! Makes everything so much easier.
2. Reynolds freezer paper – I use this to do all my fondant work on. I just tape it down to my counter top and get to work. Makes for a super easy cleanup too!
3. X-Acto knife – Makes things so much easier!

Jessica ...

I didn’t even know they made tilting turn tables till recently lol. Yes a kitchen aid is a must have, I have the 6qt but looking to get a 5qt too. I love my 6qt but sometimes the bowl is just to big for a small batch of something so looks like I need both :)

Bakermama ...

Jessica, next time you come over I’ll let you play with my turntable ~ it’s Wilton (gag) but it’s the absolute best thing ever! I have a heavy professional one also, but since the new Wilton one came out, I haven’t touched it. $80, but if you buy it at JoAnn’s or Michaels with one of those 50% off coupons, it’s a steal :)

tortacouture ...

Mines are:

1. My rolling pin – cost a fortune but it’s amazing and weighs a ton! lol
2. Bench Scraper – could not live without this bad boy
3. Kitchen aid stand mixer – kudos to those who make cakes without a stand mixer, because I’d be lost without mines!