Solid cake board - non corrugated

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Solid cake board - non corrugated

Hi all~ Does anyone know where I can get the solid cake board, the ones that are non corrugated. like this video by InspriredByMichelle’s youtube channel.

Please help~


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Becky Pendergraft ...

What about these? I’ve never used them personally, but Rosie from the blog Sweetapolita endorses them :)

firecracker ...

Thankyou for your reply~They are rather expensive, maybe something in a more affordable range? But those are they kind I’m looking for, sturdy and smooth edges.

Ann-Marie Youngblood ...

Are you talking about cake drums? They are just 3 or 4 cardboards wrapped in fancy foil! I buy most supplies from Jester’s fondant source But many cake supplies carry them.

Andrea ...

What about masonite boards? I know you can get them at – search for masonite. Just cover them up (and you can reuse them to keep costs down).

firecracker ...

thankyou very much you all~~ Masonite boards are closer to what I want!!!

Nila Schneider ...

global sugar art also has the Masonite boards too and they ship super fast

thecakepantry ...

Hi there, I am from Australia where ‘Inspired By Michelle’ is from and all we use are the masonite boards. You can just cover it with foil and they are come in 4mm and 6mm thickness. Just make sure that you put little feet of some sort under the board so that they are easier to pick up with the cake on it. I just use bits of wood the same size.