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Can anyone tell me if there is any way to prevent fondant (especially hot pink) from fading? It’s so frustrating. I start out with hot pink and by the time I’m finished with the cake, it’s almost pale pink!

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Jessica ...

What brand of colors are you using Janie? Not sure if I can be much help here but I’m wondering if it might be the colors. I know lights fade colors both artificial and natural, so make sure you store the projects your working on in a dark kitchen.

Loren Ebert ...

I just read that Debbie Brown uses SugarFlair Gel paste colors because they are colorfast, meaning they don’t fade. I never tried them, but she’s an expert so I would take her word for it! :o)

Janiepie ...

Thanks Jessica and Loren!

Nikki Belleperche ...

I havent really had that problem myself but on top of trying a new brand of color I have seen that working in a dimly lit room can help keep your colors from fading. Might be something worth trying?

If those things don’t help maybe you could try airbrushing the colors on your cake? Im not sure if airbrushing fades like colored fondant does but it might be worth a shot?! Goodluck!

Judi ...

You can paint the color onto the fondant and it doesn’t fade that way. Mix the color with vodka or clear vanilla and paint it on with a wide soft brush, then don’t touch it until it’s dry (a couple hours usually).

Janiepie ...

Thanks Nikki and Judi!