Transporting a 3 tiered cake

Hi I have been searching online and need to know where to find a box that will fit a 14 in square bottom tiered cake. I plan on using a 6in round, 10 and 14 in square pans. I’m not real keen on having to transport them in separate boxes and was wondering if anyone knows where to get some good boxes for transporting or any advice on having to transport one. This will be my first big 3 tiered cake transfer and I’m a little nervous and the wedding isn’t even till October!!! Thanks for any advice and help!! It is greatly appreciated!!



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Rhona Campbell-Hackett ...

Hi, I’m in the UK but I have seen some of these boxes an a US site. These boxes are really expensive but I guess if it’s your only option… Anyway, this one is 22" deep so don’t know if that’s deep enough for you but worth a look

Also, get yourself some of that non-slip rubbery matting that’s designed to go on the car dash to stop stuff slipping – it’s great to put your box onto to stop it sliding around in the boot or footwell.

Good luck!

Prima Cakes Plus ...

I have not bought from them but others have recommended this place and they have tiered boxes

Tiffany Palmer ...

I buy all my boxes from bakeabox! They have great customer service and decent prices. I haven’t ordered a tiered cake box yet, but all the reviews I have seen on them are good.

Tiffany Palmer ...

Also I would suggest checking out Edna’s video on how to stack a cake. It’s fantastic and should put your mind at ease. I also have seen that a lot of people use those grippy shelf liners under the cake board so it does not slide during transport. Here’s the link:

Mikooklin's Cakery ...

Thank you all!!