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Does anyone have any good tutorials or websites on how to do the quilt pattern on a pillow cake? Should I draw the pattern on the fondant before i put the fondant on the cake, or after the fondant is on the cake?

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SarahBeth3 ...

I would do it after. You can use a ribbon as a guide by pinning at the sides of your pillow and then running your wheel along the edge of it. This way you will have straight lines. You can measure to give it consistent spacing or use a ribbon that is the same width as the space you want between the quilting lines. Then run your wheel along both sides of the ribbon and move the ribbon down so that one side is on an existing line and run your wheel down the other side.

Loren Ebert ...

Ooh good idea Sarah… I never thought of using a ribbon! :o)

cakes by khandra ...

yes great idea thank you!

Ann-Marie Youngblood ...

I have used a ribbon and also used a diamond impression mat…with the mat you have to worry about stretching the impression. But if you are careful then I go over the lines of the impression with a quilting tool.

cakes by khandra ...

where did you get the impression mat from?

Karin Giamella ...

We use a mat – got it at Global Sugar Art – just make sure you get the size pattern you want. The ‘diamonds’ come in different sizes.

cakes by khandra ...

thank you