no place for recipes?

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it’d be nice to have a section of the site devoted to posting recipes so we can refer to them to other members.

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Becky Pendergraft ...

I second that! I’d love to share some of my favorites :)

Michal Bulla ...

Metria, there is a Recipes forum category –

metria ...

Ah, I see. I was expecting something up top near the “Cakes”, “Forums”, “Members” buttons. Would be nice if it were separate so it can have tags or categories for easier browsing.

Michal Bulla ...

I would like to keep the site simple as much as it’s possible but on the other side, maybe it would be good to have the recipes separated. I will add it to my TO-DO list. Btw. you can use tags in forum topics as well.

metria ...

ha! i even put a tag in my original post and forgot about it. simple is good; i think i’m just expecting it to work like other foodie sites that have recipe sections. i will continue to think on if that is really what i’d prefer and what exactly i want to get at quickly.

Ann-Marie Youngblood ...