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what size ribbon does everone recommend/use regularly for wedding/chritening cakes stuck between getting a 15mm or 25mm(their 25metre rolls so want to make sure get right one)
many thanks for any input :)

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SarahBeth3 ...

What are your cake dimensions? Assuming you are wanting to use it as a border at the bottom of a tier or tiers, what other decorations will be on that tier or tiers?

countrybumpkincakes ...

i have a 6" round wedding topper cake with lilys on top and also a 3 tier christening cake( 8",10" and 12")building blocks on bottom and teddybear on top

SarahBeth3 ...

If I am envisioning your christening cake correctly, and your tier are 4" tall or more, I would suggest going with the 25mm.

BeesNees ...

I’m no expert but I would also go for the 25mm :)