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Hi Wonderful Cakers,

I was just wondering if someone can help me. I need to know how to get this effect on cakes?

Help please…



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Azel, Canada, the baker in pink stilettos on facebook


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tortacouture ...

This is silver leaf – but it has to be edible

azel ...

thanks tortacouture for the response :)

i thought so too but i know they are expensive and so i thought there might be other ways to achieve it. what about gold sheen airbrush and confectioner’s glaze? what do you think? thanks a lot

Jessica ...

You can airbrush although it wont be exactly the same.

tortacouture ...

Silver leaf isn’t expensive. I bought 50 sheets of 80×80 and it cost me about £10

azel ...

really!? i will be looking for some then, perhaps online. my local store here in canada sells it for $5.95 each for a 8cm x 8cm (3.14″ × 3.14″) leaf.

Karin Giamella ...

Try silver highlighter dust from CK products. You can airbrush it on and has better shine than the lustre dusts.

azel ...

thanks Karin @ bluesheepbakeshop for the tip :)