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cake making

when making cakes what do you use… cake mix or make it for scratch?



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Jess B ...

I make mine from scratch.

Sheryl BITO ...

I make mine from scratch too. I love experimenting with new recipes :D

Corrie ...

I use WASC-type recipes(white almond sour cream)- which has cake mix in it- but also calls for sugar, flour, eggs, sourcream,oil, salt,etc… and whatever else for a particular flavor- So really, I’d consider it a ‘hybrid cake’ LOL Before I settled on this type though I made and force fed my family/friends several different scratch recipes and while they liked the scratch cakes- the WASC cake was just absolutely raved about. So while I’d love to claim ‘scratch’ I have to go with what everyone wants and asks for…..I will also on occasion use cake mixes if they are specifically requested- (90% of these requests involve ‘funfetti’ cake,lol)

Valley Kool Cakes (well half of it~Tara) ...

I do both, some times people just want a cheep cake that looks nice so I do offer box to cut down on the price a bit. But I love doing them from scratch and finding new great recipes.

Becky Pendergraft ...

When I first started out, I pretty much used ALL mixes so I could just concentrate on my decorations. Now that I’m getting more comfortable with that and have tried and true recipes, I use all scratch-made cakes and cupcakes. And I can have fun trying out new ones as I find them!

Tiffany Palmer ...

I use WASC type recipes as well for my cakes/cupcakes. There are a few exceptions such as carrot, pumpkin spice, specialty cupcakes, etc. that I do only scratch recipes for. But these are recipes I have found and tweaked that I just love and always gets good reviews with. I haven’t found scratch recipes that get great reviews like the wasc does for the others, so I stick with the wasc. I think I have found a scratch red velvet, but still waiting to test it out with a few new orders to make sure before I make the switch. Cookies, fillings, icings, fondant I make all from scratch. I think as long as it tastes good and you’re not misleading your clients then it’s all good.

Janiepie ...

Most of mine are the sour cream pound layers. I put vanilla, butter, and almond flavoring in and people love them!

Kelley ...

So far, I have only used boxed mixes, but I doctor them up with other stuff & everyone thinks they are great.
I would like to try to make some from scratch. I LOVE a good, moist, white cake. Does anyone have a recipe they would share?