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I have an order for a very chocolately cake. I love the Hersheys cocoa recipe but I’m afraid it’s too soft to cover with fondant. Anyone experience this or have a great moist recipe to share that’s similar to this one? Thanks!

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RitaGreerSC ...

I always use the WASC recipe and use Devil’s Food Cake mixes in place of the yellow. I can carve these cakes and cover in fondant with no problem. I’m just a hobbist but I make many cakes for my family and friends. I hope this helps!

Tea Party Cakes ...

I use the Hershey’s Cocoa recipe all the time and cover it with fondant easily, no problems. Just make sure your buttercream layer has hardened up in the fridge first.

Janiepie ...

thanks yawl!

The Cake Boutique Manila ...

I agree with Naomi. I only use the Hershey’s Cocoa recipe and Ive never had any problems with the cake falling apart once covered with fondant. Just make sure you support it well if you are stacking.