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Just a follow on from a theme I ran on Monday. Do you sketch all your designs before you start, or just sometime and how much do they change? I’m pretty bad by not sketching all the designs as I get a kinda idea in my head and then just run with it. Here is a bacon burger I did and as you can see it changed… But I do find sketching an initial draft does help… Do you? I’d love to see your ideas… And if you use digital sketching, please tag in what you are using as this would be so useful to us all, me included as looking to give it a go

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Znique Creations ...

Wow fantastic!

FNQ Cake Share ...

Love x

JackiesHomeBakes ...

Your sketches are as amazing as the actual cakes!!!:)

Thereseanne ...

awesome! yes it pays to sketch first,… I do ….It helps me with placing all elements of the decorations

Cake A Chance On Belinda ...

Wow, the cake is fantastic and your sketch is too! So real! I’m a bit the same I sometimes sketch, but I always guarantee it changes in the end! :)

Anka ...

Great! Love it!

Orietta Basso ...


Allways Julez ...

Sketch by hand mostly, but have used photoshop also, when doing variations of the same design.

Noreen@ Box Hill Bespoke Cakes ...

Excellent creation from sketch to cake.xx

Xuân-Minh, Minh Cakes ...

What a nice theme Calli! Julez, that dragon is fantastic!!

I love sketching and have tried fiddling with Photoshop/iPad but in the end, I find the quickest and most comfortable way with the client is just regular old pen and paper.

Here’s an awesome wedding project I got to do a couple of weeks ago, for a couple sporting some lovely inks. We came up with this special way of displaying “Till death do us part” during their wedding cake tasting. I knew I wanted to mix 2D painting with 3D elements, such as the roses.

This is the rough sketch I drew at the consultation (details in German):

This is the first draft with more details, so I knew what I’d be doing. For the skull, I got inspired by Flickr member Fingerboardpass.

And finally, the finished cake:

I had a lot of fun making this one!

Elli Warren ...

Fantastic sketching and cake!! I’m afraid my sketching is not very good, so I don’t sketch as often as I should!! :-) x
Julez and Minh yours are fantastic Too!! :-) x

Calli Creations ...

Always Julez, that’s magnificent… Followed through from your idea so perfect .laid out on paper.
Yes Thereseanne if there are going to be lots of elements, it helps to sketch and get more of the visualisation

JT Cakes ...

Magnificent. Seeing that cake made me hungry. ;) hehe… I always sketch my cakes first. I think it’s an important phase.

The Custom Cakery ...

I occasionally sketch, and sometimes use ‘sketch book express’ on the iPad. It’s a free app, although you can pay for the pro version. I tend to collect a lot of images to inspire me then go with what’s in my head. I’m conscious now I’m starting to do wedding cakes that brides may well want to see a design though so will be following this thread with interest.

Calli Creations ...

Minh Cakes wow!!!!!!!!!!!! your drawing skills are amazing, you are an artist. What a superb design and cake! yes, I tend to find drawing is quicker but that’s my archaic way I guess as that is what I am used to, but would love to have a go at one of these digital packages one day :)

I agree Jonathan… i need to be more diligent with it, instead of launching in :) less room for error

Ahhh thanks The Custom Cakery… I will give that a go as I have an ipad. yes, I think there are so many ways of doing this, I am also very interested in what people do. after all, it is such a crucial part of the cake… getting the design right :)

thanks for the input folks