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hey i have to make skylanders cake with the characters i believe its one of nintendo games any idea for this cake thanks

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CrystalMemories ...

How about a round cake made to look like the Skylander base/dock with a few characters on top?

pink sugar frosting ...

thanks crystalR really appreciated BTW like your idea

CrystalMemories ...

Thx! I tried to upload a pic showing you what I meant…but I couldn’t get it to work. :( Good Luck! I can’t wait to see the finished product :).

Jem ...

It’s actually very easy with ready-to-roll icing. Get a round cake that’s already iced in white. Blend some black and white ready roll to make grey. Put a strip around the base of the white-iced cake.

Add a second strip about an inch from the base and folded over so it is slightly extending into the centre. Pinch the edge of this to make it look like a straight-edged stone wall. Straighten the bottom edge of the upper layer with the blunt edge of a knife, pressing rather than cutting.

Add Eight evenly spaced 1 inch wide strips of icing vertically from the base and slightly extending into the centre. Again, pinch the edge to square it off.

Press some scrunched-up grease proof paper into the icing to give a stone effect. Use a sharp knife to score lines giving the brick effect.

There are hieroglyphics on the portal, so cut out the shapes with a sharp knife and fill them with white icing (I just used the ready roll stuff).

Finish off with a bright green, thin ribbon around the base and Skylanders game characters on the top.

pink sugar frosting ...

thanks jem i will defiantly work with your idea i love this cake

BeginnersLuck ...

Going to give this cake a go. Is it better to texture the dough before putting it on the cake? And how do you fix the dough to the iced cake?