How to achieve a "cranberry" colored icing?

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Help! How do I achieve a cranberry/hot pink color? I’m trying to match this ribbon…..

Thank you!!



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Erin Gardner ...

looks like it has a touch of orange in it? Try adding a drop of yellow?

mallorymaid ...

You could try mixing blue and red together as you would to make purple but add more red than blue, or try starting with a rose color gel and add blue or maybe purple to it. I used Wilton rose color and added blue and purple to it to make a fushia color for a wedding cake. Here is a link to a color wheel that may help you. Good luck.

Loren Ebert ...

I guess my picture doesn’t accurately show the color I’m going for. It’s a true cranberry.

I tried Wilton Pink with a touch of Wilton Red Red. Not deep enough.

Everything else I tried (Americolor Burgandy, Americolor Fuscia, Wilton Violet) all turn out purple-y.

I give up! Thanks for your help though! :o)

Loren Ebert ...

Oooh I didn’t think of trying blue… Thanks so much!! :o)

SarahBeth3 ...

Did it work, Loren?

Peggy Does Cake ...

Loren, Wilton pink is orange based. It will never give you a true pink. For true pink you need to use Rose (NOT rose petal, which is also orange based). Go with rose and use blue or lavender to darken it and take it to a deeper color. Be careful, you don’t want to go too purple or you won’t be able to bring it back. Red will help deepen it once you get the shade right. It might sound crazy, but you can also try the tiniest bit of black to deepen it, as well, but only once you get the shade close.

Loren Ebert ...

Thanks Peggy!!! I didn’t see your note until after I got frustrated and chucked all of my Wilton colors in the garbage…LOL! I wound up going with a hot pink for my cookies. I usually avoid the cranberry color but I’ll definitely try your advice for the next go around. Thank you so much!!!