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So i have this idea to do the royal icing lace look using white as my fondant and black as my icing and im worried about trying it because i feel the black will bleed into the white. anyone ever do this and if so any trick or ideas to help it not happen? ps I use marshmallow fondant if that matters.

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Maggie ...

Hi Samantha! First of all, I am sure you will make it work, because your work in general is just amazing! If it might help, I think you should let the fondant dry just a little bit on the cake before doing the R I work. When the fondant has had time to harden just a tiny bit, I think you will have less chance of bleeding. If I make a tiny oopsie with the piping, I normally take a damp(not wet) paint brush and very carefully with as few strokes as possible remove my mistake. Hope this helps and all the best to you!

Samantha Corey ...

thanks maggie, I hope i can make it work . I have a week to get 4 cake dummys done and a order. kind of stressing. I dont want my dummys to look just like every other cake. Im going to a day of sharing convention sunday. its my first cake thing ever and im really nervous.

Maggie ...

Oh that is so stressful! All the best to you! May God help you to make a huge success of this! You really deserve it. I can see the love for your trade in the cakes you make! Big hug to you, xx