what to charge wedding for neighbour?

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I have never made a cake and had to charge for it before but I am makingmy neighbours wedding cakes she wants 50 cupcakes muffin size with buttercrea!m buttercream and a faint cupcake with buttercream sat in a chocolate type shell, I have no idea however what yo charge for I charge and make her get the ingredients or just say a price, what do you charge plz help thanks xxx


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Miranda ...

Work out cost of ingredients for cake, icing, fondant, board, boxes/packaging. Then figure out your time making cake, icing and decorating. Time to create decorations. Then make sure that is at least covered. Pricing markup depends on your area however. If possible find out how much local bakers are charging.

June ("Clarky's Cakes") ...

Miranda’s advice is spot on. Especially phoning a few local bakeries to get a idea how much they would charge in your local area. I might also add, not knowing your neighbour, she may expect a “discount” because you are neighbours. That, of course, is completely up to you. You can figure out all your costs as Miranda has said, write it all down, then ask her for the complete price, or give her a discount of your choosing…..10%, 15%, 25%…,whatever. Show her the written statement/bill with your breakdown of costs. Don’t forget to charge for your time/labour in your price. I also would suggest a deposit fee a month or two before to help you with your costs, and to know she’s serious about you making the cake/cupcakes. And full payment 2 weeks before and no less than a week before. Of course, these are all just suggestions. Hope this has been helpful.

allyx95 ...

Thankyou guys that’s very helpful right now I have a lot to workout and think about xx