ganache using buttermilk

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Hello fellow cake hobbiest here in cakes decor, I really need your expert answer on this matter, pls. Help needed immidiately, lol! I accidentally used buttermilk instead of whipped cream while making ganache, does anybody here experienced same thing? Will this work? Or should I toss my “supposedly” ganache into the drain and make a new one? Pls. Help me think :( lol! :)



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Chris Jones ...

I would determine it’s use by the texture and taste…if it works, use it. I use buttermilk a lot…it makes banana bread taste wonderful!!

Jenniffer White ...

I wouldn’t toss it until you try tasting it. I’m sure the taste will be different, but it might be just fine. Heck, you might like it better than whipping cream ganache! Let us know how it turns out!!