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Just posted this as a blog…oops!

I’m curious about the fan choice shortlist on Facebook. I should probably point out this isn’t for personal gain (I certainly don’t expect to be up there, genuinely!) but I’ve noticed some fantastic cake artists are up there quite regularly (quite rightly) but other brilliant cake artists never seem to make it. Is there a formula?

Obviously editor’s choice is chosen at the discretion of the editors, but since the introduction of fan’s choice perhaps there’s a criteria I don’t know about?

Just being nosy really but would be interested to know the answer!

Mel, Yorkshire,


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Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer ...

I always assumed the Fan’s choice cakes where picked by the editor and they we picked out of the ones’s they liked.

I would be curious to know how this works too.

Estrele Cakes ...

Lol good question ;)

Dessert By Design (Krystle) ...

gonna jump in here :)

Enchanting Merchant Company ...

Great question Mel!! Would be interested in the answer xo

Michal Bulla ...

Hey Ladies,

I’m usually picking the best 4-5 cakes posted 24 hours ago. I’m always choosing cakes, not the authors, so If there are some quite regularly, It’s because I think their cakes are beautiful. I’m trying to be as much unbiased as I can.

I hope this helps.

The Custom Cakery ...

Thanks Michal, yes it does :)

Estrele Cakes ...

:) Thanks Michal! :)

Enchanting Merchant Company ...

Thanks Michal! :)