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I was wondering if this had happened to anyone else, or if you can tell me why this happened.
I have just made a birthday cake for a little girl which mum collected, later that day she contacted me and sent photos and there was a split from top to bottom at the back of the cake, there was no weight resting on it as it was a single tier and no heavy decorations on the area where it cracked, I had covered the cake and left it to stand overnight then decorated it the next morning and there was no evidence of any air bubble, cracking, or bulging in the cake, this has got me baffled !!! And upset to as the lady is a regular customer who I have to say has been great about what has happened.
The cake was sponge with buttercream filling and coating refrigerated and then covered with the fondant as I’ve done sooo many times without a problem, please let me know what you think happened

Kind regards

Ps these are the photos

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Deborah, Nottinghamshire


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Cakemummy ...


Mmmm cakes and cupcakes ...

was the board it was on possibly to thin for the weight of the cake? if theres any flex in the board at all (even the slightest bit) this can happen.
sorry that’s all I can think of. lol This is all still new to me, so someone else may be able to shed some more light x

Goreti ...

I was thinking the same thing about the board. If it was to thin and not properly supported while moving the cake, it can cause cracking. It’s the only thing that I can think of.

jar8cakes ...

you can probably use some decorating icing or royal icing to patch that and once its dried its fixable

Deborah ...

Thank you ladies for your replies, this one has me baffled too, definitely not the cake board as it was actually on a 12mm cake drum because I wanted a bit more height, really don’t know, just worries me now it’s happened :) xx

Sugarpixy ...

You have some fantastic cakes Deborah, I cannot imagined what happen either. Cracking is usually due to weight or shifting issues.

AWG Hobby Cakes ...

i went to my nieces party a month ago and she had a custom cake made.. which did similar . this time there was an heavy elephant ontop – I rescued it by simply using a smoother and pressing against the crack to bear it up again – it was fine for the 30 minutes until we cut it… (i wasn’t very impressed that the supposed experienced baker did not dowel this elephant which was on a 6 inch thick board and CLEARLY too heavy for an 8 " sponge…. I could only assume it was due to weight there….
I never fridge my cakes before fondant ? not sure if this causes it to expand? did you place the sponge layers frozen and maybe that caused things to settle?

Deborah ...

Thank you for your lovely comment sugarpixy, I think I’m just going to have to put this one down as a mystery !!!
There was nothing heavy on top of the cake just a little butterfly which can be seen in the photo, I never use frozen cake only fresh baked, and have always refrigerated the cake before covering with no problems, think this ones got everyone baffled, thank you all for your time replying to me I really do appreciate all your help :) xx

AWG Hobby Cakes ...

You sure they did not drop it? Xx love your cakes too

Deborah ...

Haha, this is a thought I’ve had too :) xx
The little girl has a sister who is 4 and I wondered if maybe she had tried to reach it to get a look when it was on the kitchen side and maybe pushed it down and didn’t dare tell mummy.

AWG Hobby Cakes ...

:) ..then that’s the answer :P

Jcandy ...

Don’t you think refrigerating could be a problem? As in when I tried refrigerating my cake sometime ago, it turned out to be a disaster. What if the temperature was high and it broke down after coming to the room temperature? Not sure either.

Sugargourmande Lou ...

I would guess that they’ve put the cake down a little heavy-handedly and the back has cracked as it’s dropped onto the table … It’s happened to me once when I was stacking … fingers slipped at the back of the board and as it ‘slapped’ down, its own weight created a split … Don’t suppose it helps reading this now after the event, but I would hazard a guess you weren’t to blame ;) x

Melissa Walsh ...

Maybe it was a fondant issue…Was it home made fondant or pre-packaged? I could see this happening if the fondant was drier than normal…sometimes with the pre-packaged ones it can be drier, depending on how fresh it is.

Tina ...

I have had a few cracks in cakes (fondant) for different reasons. One reason was definitely air still inside of cake and my crack looked very similar to this one. Also I have had cracks from me being a bit heavy handed opps and I have also had cracks that have happened in transport. So I could be any number of reasons really. It would be great to know exactly what caused it but the main thing is that you have handled it well and I’m sure the customer will still be a repeat customer :-)