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I need to buy less expensive flour if possible. What kind of flour do you use, do you buy in bulk and from where? Is “generic” flour any good compared to While Lily?

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Jessica ...

What type of flour are you needing to get? All purpose, cake? Personally I have never noticed if one brand is better than another, but types do make a big difference.

Janiepie ...

I use all purpose.

Becky Pendergraft ...

Ooh, so you’re a White Lilly believer too, huh? :) I do love it, but have been using King Arthur brand lately as I can buy it in bulk from our local warehouse store (BJ’s) and it’s done quite well for me – no noticeable difference in taste or texture!

Carrie Ashton ...

I personally love Pillsbury All Purpose…I bought some of the White Lilly to try in some recipes that specifically say White Lilly. I have tried King Arthur for my cookies—fail…too expensive, and not the same affect. I have tried Robin Hood—no good either. Pillsbury all the way for me. I can’t get in bulk around here…so 5 lbs at a time is the best I can do. Good luck!

Janiepie ...

Thanks yawl!