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I want to attempt to make a Doc cake topper from Doc Mcstuffins for my 3 and 1 year old birthday party on the 15th, but I am unsure as to where to begin. How do I get the body and head to stay attached? If anyone has any tips I would greatly appreciate it Thanks in Advance! If not Doc any other character would do :-)

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The Custom Cakery ...

You can use cocktail sticks or raw spaghetti. If you take a look on YouTube you’ll find some helpful tutorials :)

Shalena ...

Thanks, I’ve been looking up some tutorials but haven’t found anything Doc as for as a cake topper. But I will definelty keep searching

Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer ...

Not sure if this will help or not but when I made my Doc topper I bought a doll and made a mold of the head so I could mold a head so it had all the features perfectly. I also used wooden skewers in my figure also like Mel.

Time for Tiffin ...

ive made two dr’s now i used modelling chocolate to make mine and attached the head and body with a cake pop stick :)

Goreti ...

When I made mine, I did not find any tutorials on the Doc characters. Since then, I have found this one Hope it helps.

Shalena ...

Thanks a bunch everyone, I will definitely be using a lot of the advice given