I'm really considering opening a store front

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Can anyone give me and input or feedback regarding running an actual store front? is there any reading material that you would recommend? What are the most common mistakes in running a store front? and what do you think is the average cost and net income per week? I’m thinking my profit margin should be between 18-20%. Any help would be appreciated :)
~ Tennille

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Malika ...

will follow the discussion:) I’m also thinking abt this:)

Yum Cakes and Treats ...

Me as well! But not for a year…any info would be great to hear though!

June ("Clarky's Cakes") ...

If you go on Cake Boss…not the baker, the cake software website, there’s some very good relevant info on cake business. I’m just a hobby baker, but have pro friends. Here where I live, you have to get a operating business license & a licence from the local health dept. That’s just for starters.

Hot Mama's Cakes ...

I have the cake boss software now but I’m probably not using like I should. I’m licensed now and just filed my paperwork to become an LLC .. so I’m taking little steps.

The Custom Cakery ...

You certainly have the creative ability! I think my concern would be that you end up with less time to be hands on with the cakes and need to use staff more. Depends on what you want to achieve though, how you see your future. It’s hard to comment without knowing about your turnover etc, I have no direct experience so am rambling for no reason, ha, sorry ;)

Justine ...

If you go on craftsy.com they have an entire section decorated to cake decorating. It’s all online tutorials that you can do at your own pace, ask the instructor questions, watch as many times as you want and even take notes. There’s a class on running a cake business, everything from coming up with a name, health regulations, tips, etc. Last I checked it was under $40 and you get to keep the class forever once you buy it. Might be worth checking out :)

June ("Clarky's Cakes") ...

I was going to suggest this class as well Justine. It’s Chrissy Boon’s class. She owns a Icing Inspirations here in Canada. 50 min away from where I live. I know a few who have purchased this class and found it very helpful.