Stealling Peoples cake photos.

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Ugh, I have come across a new “cake” Business in my town, and they have many pictures of others cakes on their page passing them off as their own!!! I msg’d her and she said, at no time did she say they were her cakes. I told her to then State that they were not her cakes…It really makes me mad, cause up until a few weeks ago I never watermarked my photos, ( none of them on her page are mine) Why so ppl do this??? even after I asked her to remove the photos or credit them have only credited 2 on the pge, and left the rest…I did msg some of the original decorators, ( as I knew I had seen them on here) and let them know, but I am un aware of the rest of the originals…

Sharon Fort McMurray AB


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miettes ...

Sharon, I’ve seen this done before and I also messaged the real cake makers, but there is nothing they can do… The “thieves” can also remove the watermarks if they want to :-(
My question to these people is “If a potential customer asks them to make that particular cake in the picture, can they do it?”

June ("Clarky's Cakes") ...

I’m just a hobby baker, but this is always a ongoing problem with my pro decorators in business. Don’t really know how it can be stopped. As miettes says… Will they be able to make the cakes they have stolen/posted??? Your a honest decorator/ business person….that’s all you can do. Can’t change others. :o(
Only other option is to.
1. Make sure she’s properly licensed
2. Report her to the Better Business Bureau
Hope this helps.