how to delete photos?

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i have accidentally re-posted a cake… anyone please tell me how to delete?? thank u!


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Cakemummy ...

Message Michal and I’m sure he can do it for you. :-)

Michal Bulla ...

Hi, i removed it already ;).

Next time, If you would like to remove your cake, you can do it on the Cake Page. There is a small “delete icon” on the right side of Cake Title. This icon disappears 60 minutes after the cake is posted and then you have to send me a request via private message.

I hope this helps.

Mardie Makes Cakes ...

thanks Michal! :)

Michal Bulla ...

You are welcome ;)

Sparkle Cupcakes ...

Hi, has the delete button disappeared as I’ve just tried to delete a cake as added wrong picture but couldnt find it. I tried to add another but couldn;t. Once posted can they not be edited. Thankyou x

Michal Bulla ...

Maybe you tried to delete it later than 60 minutes after posting it. Send me a private message and I will delete it for you.