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I would like to make my own cup cakes for my daughter’s baby shower. The them is puppies and incorporating blue. She’s having a boy. Any suggestions? I did Google some images of some cute cup cakes with puppy faces on them. Should I bake them the day before and decorate them the morning of the shower, which is at noon? Best recipe for cake and icing? Should I do different flavored and colors? Thanks. The shower is next month.

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miettes ...

I would definitely bake the day before, especially if it is a big quantity, and ice the same day. Just store them well and they should be more than OK. The internet is a good place to be inspired, you can also get great ideas here by searching for what you like. There are puppy cupcakes posted yesterday here if you want to check them but they are not blue. Regarding flavors, it all depends on how many you are making; if it’s a large quantity, it is nice to have more than one flavor. You can vary the color of the icing too by tinting them in different colors matching the puppy for example. Go with a recipe that you are familiar with and that you have tried many times; if you want to try a new one, make it at least once before the venue so at least you know how it tastes… Good luck; I am sure you will do great because you are doing it for your grandson :-)

Fun Fiesta Cakes ...

To make life simpler, I would do a blue frosting (boy) for all cupcakes and make puppy toppers ahead of time. That way, the day of, all you will need to do is swirl the frosting and place the topper – very easy and quick!

You can make the cupcakes the day before and put them in a cupcake holder, which is closed tightly – if you don’t have one, you can freeze them overnight – take them out the next day allowing them to thaw out for 15-20 minutes and decorate. Cupcakes dry out very quickly, so that’s why it is best to make them the day before.

I agree with Miettes – if you have a large quantity – it would be nice to have at least two different flavors. Have fun at the shower!

MimiCher ...

Thanks ladies.