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I work at an accounting firm as my full time job…but baking and decorating is my passion. I have been asked to make cupcakes with an accounting theme and I am at a loss for ideas. If I was making a cake, it would be easier. Does anyone out there have any ideas? I need to make 2 – 3 dozen with the themed decorations. Thanks for any input.

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Tiffany Palmer ...

You could make some fondant paper clips, pencils, small calculator, accounting firms business logo, 1040 form (etc.), coffee cup, $ symbols or bags, uncle Sams hat…all sorts of those little details and then you can put one on each cupcake. Or you could do a cupcake cake and decorate like you would a regular cake. Good luck! Look forward to seeing what you come up with. =)

Judy Remaly ...

Thanks for the inspiration, Tiffany. I will give some of them a try.