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Dear Cake decorators,

I am planning to make a standing ‘Upsy Daisy’ cake for my daughters B day. She is very crazy about ‘In the night Garden’. If I make legs with fondant and give support only to legs, will it stand the weight of cake (the body)? So far I have made only figure toppers, so kind of worries if the cake with topple and fall. Any help appreciated. Thanks a lot for reading my post.

Thanks a lot,

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Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer ...

I am not sure if you buy classes from Craftsy or not but there is a class on there that show structure for sculpted cakes. This may be handy for you,43

I would use metal supports for the legs and have a wood base at the bottom of the body to support the cake.
Good Luck!

Xclusive ...

Supporting only the legs, will not be sufficient to hold up the weight of the cake. in addition to the weight of the cake , you also have to take into consideration, the weight of the icing that is going on the cake.

Best you take a crafty class as Jennifer suggested, it will help you a lot!