Silver leaf...taste?

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I have yet to have a go, at applying silver leaf to a cake…. there are plenty of tutorials around.
My question is… how does it affect flavour and the palette?
If you’ve ever had a bit of food, which has been served up, with a little bit of alfoil, that has gone undetected… you will know what I mean!
Does it leave a metallic after-taste?
I guess it is so fine, it’s not going to feel horrible on the tongue?
And if anyone out there knows… do the same answers apply to gold leaf?

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Mel_SugarandSpiceCakes ...

Silver and Gold leaf is completely tasteless and does not effect the taste of food or cakes or have an after taste on the palette. It is actually good for you and for digestion. It just adds splendid beauty without any taste. It’s used a lot on Indian sweets on a daily basis and I have eaten huge quantities if it! :)

Allways Julez ...

Thanks Mel!!!