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Hi guys

How do you get bright green or blue ( dark, royal blue)?
I use Wilton fondant and gel colors. When trying to color green or blue I get pale shades.
Do you buy colored fondant, if yes, which brand, or maybe there is another colors I can use to color fondant?

thank you

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AWG Hobby Cakes ...

I find that you use a Whole lot! I’ve recently purchased sugarflairs colors …they seem much stronger for less paste.Add a bit of black for really dark colours…gradually

SweetLin ...

Use powder colour…you can get it perfect colour without changing so much the consistency of the fondant. It’s work when i make for black, red, blue. Sugarflair colour also not bad…but wilton is the hardest one to get intensity colour. I tried it all…so i know which one…until now i use all those 3 brand depend what colour i want. Hope this can help you.

The Clever Little Cupcake Company ...

If the colour is really dark, especially black, I just buy it ready made. Less stress, and less black colouring on your hands!

Sugarflair colours are great though for colouring fondant.

Galina ...

thank you all for advise

Kelly Castledine - Kelly's Cakes & Tasty Bakes ...

I use Sugarflair most of the time, they hold their colour really well.

I have however just started to use a gel colour by Magic Colours, really good colourings!

Tiffany McCorkle ...

Instead of using cornstarch or powdered sugar to keep its consistency I use any no- stick baking spray. Preferably ones with flour in it and I’ve notice cause of using that when I am trying to achieve a color I get it a lot faster and I use Wilton colors as well.