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An organization I belong to has asked me to make a musical cake for a little boy who’s affected by sickle cell anemia. He will be turning 10 years old at the end of December.

I was thinking of making a cake with a drum set topper, but was wondering if anybody had a tutorial they’d like to share. Another option would be an electric guitar cake. I’d like to make something really awesome for this little boy, so your help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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I don’t have a tutorial for you, but I made an electric guitar cake cut out of 2 9″×13″ cakes. I covered in fondant, added the fondant and gp details. I also used metallic thread for the strings so they would be straight. I didn’t like the look of the strings being squiggly on the ones I had seen done in bc. The strings show up much better in person than the photo. Hope that helps! Good luck!

Here is a link to my cake.


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Thank you – your guitar is FABULOUS – my big concern is the strings – how did you manage to get them so straight? How did you attach them?

I was thinking of using my gumpaste extruder to make the strings – once completely dry, I’d paint them silver… I know they’d be fragile, but they’ll also be straight.

Your guitar is beautiful…

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This is the guitar cake I made for a graduation.
I ran short of time on my cake so the neck of the guitar is actually foam core covered with fondant/gumpaste. The strings are light guaged wire, and the part where the strings connect to the top of the neck were connected with push pins. (I just instructed the customer that there were push pins)

If you go to google, and search “Guitar Cake Tutorial”, there are a lot of hits.
I think this is the tutorial I followed when I made my cake. Mine was full sized. The mother of the young man who was to receive the cake was able to sneak the guitar out of the house. I made a full size pattern tracing the guitar onto freezer paper.

Good Luck with your cake!