Best way to cover 3D dog cake.

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Hi guys,

I’m starting my first 3D dog cake tomorrow based on a Wauzer. Here is a pic of a Wauzer…

I’ve purchased a Jem 234 and Jem 235 large grass piping nozzles. I’ve also got the standard small one.

My question is….

Once the dog is covered in fondant, what is the best thing to use for the hair? Buttercream?, or would that be too brittle?

The head will be made out of RKT to make life easier. :)


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Goreti ...

Here are a couple of tutorials on how to do this This site is kind of tricky and sometimes it takes a few tries in order be able to see the tutorials. You have to be a little patient. It is a great site but a little hard to navigate sometimes. Hope it helps.

Michal Bulla ...

Hi there, here are some tutorials that might help:

Schnauzer Dog Tutorial

Sculpted Freddie the Dog

I hope it helps.

Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer ...

Marvelous molds also has a long and short hair texture mat if you wanted to just make fur impressions in your fondant.