Cake show in NY/NJ area?

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Hi all

I live in New York and was trying to find any cake shows in tri-state area but didn’t having a luck.
Any advice on where I can find a show to attend? I really would just like to attend and see other people’s work, as a beginner I am very much interested in those.

Thank you

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Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer ...

Hi Galina.. I live in NJ and there are a few shows in the area but it all depends on where in NY you are and how far you are willing to drive.

In February there is supposed to be this show:
There is a NJ show but rumor is that they may not have one in 2014.
Both these shows have facebook you can follow for updates.

I know there was just a show in Ithaca, NY Not sure if they have a facebook page because it is to far for me.

Then I was just told about this show that happened in may in yonkers

This was a fairly small show in PA what it was nice and some great pieces this year

Hope this helps :) For me once I found out about a show that happened this year I try to see if I can keep track and see if they post a show for the next year.

Carolroxy ...

Just looking for some contests to enter…thanks for the information.