Hygiene Certificate -- Retail or Catering?

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Hi All, I’m hoping you can help. I’m looking into taking a Level 2 online Food Health & Safety course but am unsure whether I should be taking it for Catering or Retail as they both say suitable for “ready to eat food”.

Does anyone know what is the most suitable for a cake business run from home?

Many thanks

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Sally, West Yorkshire, www.facebook.com/SallyJaneCakeDesign


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Lucymaybakes ...

Following this as also interested I’ve just been looking in to it x

Laura Loukaides ...

Hello!! This is the one you will need, I did this one myself :)


Make sure you’ve got a spare few hours to go through all of the information because the test isn’t unlocked until you go through everything, its so simple and the test is very easy. If you want them to print the certificate for you (which I recommend) it’s £30, it comes in a cardboard envelope so it shouldn’t get damaged in the post.

Hope this helps!!
- Laura xx

Lucymaybakes ...

Thank you very much :-) xx