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Hi all

I’ve noticed a lot of people putting their cakes on lovely pedestal cake stands, rather than the standard flat board. I really like the look of this but I’m curious….

I think the look is great especially for tiered cakes, but am wondering about the weight of the cake on the stand… Please excuse me if there are some really dumb questions coming up….

Do people just put them on it for the photos, or present the cake on them as well?

If the cake is present on them, how does it go for a bride & groom cutting their wedding cake? (my concern would be tipping).

Would appreciate any feedback – even if merely to point out the obvious to me :P

Thanks and hope you’re all having great days!
Anna :)

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Sam M ...

I am replying as I just joined this site and your was the first post that I read..and I just posted a cake on a pedestal..too funny:) When I bought this beautiful cake stand I knew that it would only be suitable for a small cake. This stand that I used would only hold a 6 inch ( pictured) or a 8 inch cake. I have a sturdier stand that might hold a larger cake. For all two or three tier cakes I always use the heavy foam boards covered in fondant or paper with contact paper. I hope that helps.

BeesNees ...

Thanks for the reply, and welcome to the site!! I’ve relatively new as well – just joined a couple of weeks ago, and love it – so addictive! Thanks for your feedback – that was along the lines I was thinking too.

I’m still intrigued though – so many people post photos of three tiered cakes on these stands and it really has me pondering!!!

Enjoy the site and happy caking!! :)

Jessica ...

Hello! I do love the look of the pedestal and recently invested into some myself. I think the tiered cakes you see them on are small and I know my 12 inch pedestal seems to be pretty sturdy. I wouldn’t be surprised if some people used them just for pictures but I would use them every chance I get, they are cute and save money on the foam boards I buy as support.

Becky Pendergraft ...

I know for me it’s a pedestal stand for photos only – just far too unstable!

BeesNees ...

Thanks so much for your feedback! Really appreciate it.

Rachel Skvaril ...

I use pedestals under big three tiered cakes all the time. I royal ice the cake board to the pedestal and properly dowel the cake and I have never had an issue. :) Most of my customers like to use my pedestals for their own display purposes and I have delivered many a cake on Alaskan icy and hazardous roads without any mishap to date and that’s with me driving with one hand and holding the cake pedestal in the other. That or I have my husband drive and I just carry the cake directly on my lap.