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When I bake cupcakes in a liner or paper cup/holder the cake shows thru the holder. I am I supposed to use 2 holders so the cake doesn’t bleed thru or am I just using cheap holders?

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Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer ...

When I use paper cups I use foil lined ones to help with this problem… Not sure if what you are using are cheap but maybe see if you can find those and see if that helps.

sft ...

Thanks Jennifer! Are they certain ones that are foil lined or do I buy the foil liners separate and slip the decorative ones on during baking or after?

Thank you so much

Smckinney07 ...

I’ve seen people do both: two wrappers, but I think that was more to add a contrast of color-but whatever works. Have you tried grease proof liners?

I purchase the white, freestanding liners (in bulk), the ones that look like nut cups and those work well. Probably because they are thicker, just make sure you don’t order the Wilton kind because they aren’t meant for baking. I really
Iike the liners I use but am considering switching, sometimes (smaller children mainly) have a difficult time removing the thick liners.

Sorry, a bit of rambling

Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer ...

sft I buy the all in one from reynolds. The foil is attached to the paper.

I forgot I also tried these liners and they worked well too

Jcandy ...

Yes, you can use two wrappers of you want if the paper quality is cheap. That won’t make any difference. However, watch the consistency of the batter. It should not be too pasty.