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I have gotten so many friendly replies! Honestly though I have not had time to peruse the forums. My business has gotten really busy since my last cake show. I do cakes…somewhat amateurish.. although I did just do a great fire breathing dragon! I guess I just post pics in my profile. I have been on Cake Central for awhile and honestly this site is a lil more difficult to navigate. I do custom made cake stands and showcased them at The Great American Cake Show in MD. I have had a lot of attention since then plus another cake site is doing a give away of one of my stands. Also one of my stands was just featured in this months Cake Masters, a UK cake decorating magazine. A lot of excitement going on right now, but also a lot of fear. I am full time in Baking and Pastry school and trying to keep up with everything is kicking my behind!! How do people manage life and business. I am completely overwhelmed!!

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Allways Julez ...

Hi Shannon… wish i could answer your question!!!…
You sound like you’ve got yourself together, a lot more than I do.
I have recently had to resign an employment position, due to health problems, accumulating in an overwhelming inability to cope!!!
Hence my current social media addiction, whilst I am in the recovery phase.
I have not been on Cake Central, so I cannot make comparasins… but a few friends commented that this site was much friendlier… and I have certainly been made to feel very welcome here.
I have found this site a little more difficult to navigate than facebook… but I have found benefits in this site, that definitely swing in it’s favour.
I don’t think we need to choose between one or the other… they can co-exist quite easily.
There are a lot of the “non-personal page” cake based friends (including myself), that are struggling with the issue of facebook pushing for “paid promotions”… and feel that when these request pop-ups occur, there seems to be a resulting reduction in “reach” when the offer is ignored.
I hope that Cakes Decor can capitalise on this!!!
Well, I wish you all the best for your future… I think you will manage just fine!!!
Julez XXX

Anita ...

Wow I absolutely love your cake stands..would love to own one of them..