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OK….Can someone please share with me the EASIEST way to make fondant ribbons and stripes? Mine NEVER come out even. I use my scored fondant mat, a sharp knife/fondant cutter. I guess I could get a ruler just for cake making and try that?

Could the cricut help with that?

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FaithfullyCakes ...

I am not a huge wilton fan, but I do use their ribbon cutter ALL the time. Do you have a ribbon cutter? There are tons out there as other options we well.

unctoothlady ...

I DO have this one:

I’ll pull it out of the closet and try again….Thanks for reminding me of this!

SarahBeth3 ...

I still haven’t purchased a ribbon cutter but plan to have one soon. That would be the easiest way, but for now I use a pizza cutter and I can usually get my ribbons/stripes pretty straight. Better than with a knife. But, yes, if I am making them all the same size and they need to be pretty exact, I use a ruler.

I plan to make my own ribbon cutter from a long bolt, nuts, pizza cutter blades and pvc. You can adjust it to any width you want this way and cut like 8 ribbons at the same time. I’ll see if I can’t find the tutorial for you.

Ana ...

I use the same cutter for my lines and works for me,maybe your problem is the fondant.

unctoothlady ...

Well I have since switched the type of fondant that use so I am going to try this roller again. Thanks!

SarahBeth3 ...

That’s the one! Thanks, unctoothlady, for finding that! I hid it away in my favorites somewhere and couldn’t find it!

Valley Kool Cakes (well half of it~Tara) ...

I’m hoping to make the DIY one, I have the wilton brand but I don’t really like it. I find that it gets too loose or to tight when I roll it depending on the direction.

Nikki Belleperche ...

I use the wilton ribbon cutter. Valleykoolcakes- I always hold the bolt on the end while I use it to make sure it doesn’t get too loose/tight while i cut my fondant. My biggest problem with it is getting frayed ends on my strips from time to time where it cuts..then I have to go back and clean them up with a knife. No problems with them not being straight though!

unctoothlady ...

OK…Did a cake today and I used the tool again. I think my problem before was the fondant. Fondx worked perfectly!