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Hi guys

I am new to this site and to cake making all together.
Back in April 2013 my 9 y.o son asked me to make a basketball cake for his birthday, it came out cute, I enjoyed making it, did one for my older son, then for a few friends, then people began asking if I take orders.
Last couple months I’ve been taking orders from people and making cakes for birthdays, baby showers, bar mitzvahs….. and I really like it. Friend post a picture of my cake on FB and I began getting calls from strangers, placing orders.
I really enjoy it but in the back of my head I know I am not a professional baker and even though I always get tons of compliments and thanks for the cakes, I feel like my work is not as good as it should be in order to run it as a side business.

I am asking for you honest opinin as I know many of you here have years of cake making experience.
Please take a look at a some of my cakes below.




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christ00 ...

Hi dear
You cakes are really good. If you are not professional, it doesn’t mean you cannot make good cakes. Be continue with your work, you really have a great skills. Experience will give you more perfection. Thanks for sharing your great work .

Michal Bulla ...

Hi there,

I think that If you like to do cakes, then do them. I can see that there are some things that could be done better on your cakes, but as a whole, they are beautiful. Work on the details, bake as many cakes you can and you’ll see that you will make progress.

Feel free to read some of our interviews and you’ll see that none of the se amazing cake decorators became professional in one day ;)


Galina ...

Thank you very much for your input

miettes ...

Galina, I started like you, about a year ago; I learned a lot from googling everything on the internet and by asking a lot of questions to fellow cake makers, mainly on this site. My only advice to you (which I am really striving to achieve myself) is to work on your edges (cakes who are not carved). I like clean and sharp edges on my cakes and I did not yet achieve the look I want. You have many online tutorials and you can also purchase classes through craftsy! Good Luck!

SugarMagicCakes (Christine) ...

Yes, I agree with rex. For a beginner your cakes are looking good. Imagine how they will look with a few more years practice.
I wouldnt consider myself a pro at this and ive been making cakes for nearly 10 years now. Ive had no training, just taught myself from websites like these, you tube is good and lots of cake decorating books. I remember in the beginning i made loads of mistakes, didnt know what a lot of things were, but we will always be learning and progressing with new recipes and different techniques around all the time. I just love making cakes!
Just keep practicing! xx

Xclusive ...

Nice cakes but there is always room for improvement! Am in totally agreement with Dina, try online classess – craftsy is a good place to start, also invest in good cake books – for me learning never stops!

Ana Remígio - CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal ...

Hi Galina!!! Nice cakes!!
Probably you don’t know or never heard about it…but…cake decorating is a VIRUS!!!! Once you caught it your never be the same again… LOL
Most of us are not professional bakers and started just like you, but we truly love what we do!! In cake decorating you never stop learning, is something that comes naturally. So we are always learning with each other and I guarantee that there’s no better place than CakesDecor to encourage and support you on that path. I normally say that we can always do better…but I’m very demanding with myself.
Like Christine said just keep on practicing!!! We will see you get better and better and when ever you need just ask, because here, you have so many great and lovely people that will try to help you for sure.
Welcome to CakesDecor!! xxx

romynash ...

Hey you have a good experience in cakes making but i’m surprised i never see this type cakes ever and these all are really very very beautiful. Keep it up

Galina ...

Thank you all for your responses
I am editing a few cakes to my collection every week, just wish I could decide whether or not I should expand and invest into more professional equipment

Yetunde66 ...

Your cakes are beautiful. Keep pressing one. You are on the right track. I love d Despicable me Cake and ‘Young Lady on bed’. Lol.

Yetunde66 ...

If you have the capacity, don’t look look back on the investment in professional equipment.

Galina ...

Any advize on the type of oven, mixer greatly appreciated.
I am swimming in unchartted waters here :))

Carolroxy ...

Beautiful cakes—looking forward to seeing more of your baking!