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Can anyone help how to make this dragon in that position, it it possible
And I need opinion if I can actually do something like this- or is it possible to make dragon in the air and standing on his tail like the picture?
Thank you ;)

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Jenny Kennedy Jenny's Haute Cakes ...

You can do just about anything with a good structural foundation. I assume/hope that the dragon is a topper and not the cake? I just love these engineering projects! If it were my, I would build your dragon with some wire. Include the curving tail. Run a wooden dowel at an angle through the tail and into the body. Secure it with wire or duct tape. Get a wooden board for your cake board. Go to a hardware store and talk to someone who works there to help you get the right fittings for cpvc pipe. You need a metal base to screw into the board (remember the board needs to be able to sit flat, so you may need to get a thicker piece of wood to screw your PVC base into). Then you need an adaptor/connector that fits into it so you can connect a piece of PVC. Look for about a 1/2" or smaller 45 degree-angled CPVC pipe. If your pipe is 1/2", try to find a wooden dowel very close in size to the opening of the pipe. The main idea is that your dowel with attached dragon will fit snugly and be supported by the pipe and weight of the wooden cake board, add the cake around the pip. Then you add the dragon last. You can try to make it so the tail barely touches the cake. Then that is when you would stick the dragon in the pipe. If you need more structure to support the weight you can use a Popsicle stick on the wire structure to help hold the weight. If this doesn’t make sense, message me on my page listed below and I will send you pictures of what I mean. I am a bit sleepy now (2am) so what may seem clear to me may come across as jibberish. Good luck! I just did a dragon cake last week and it was lots of fun to create!