Which cake will you prefer on christmas party?

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Christmas is coming after two months so i started the preparation of the Christmas. i have arrange a party at my house on that day. but little bit confuse regarding cake.i do not understand which cake i will arrange on that day. so guys as per you which cake is a best for Christmas party.

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You can use any cake you like – Personally, I stay away from ‘FRUIT CAKES’ because I don’t like the taste (LOL)…

Here’s my suggestion – make a coconut cake – you can cover the outside with shredded coconut to make it look like snow and decorate it like a winter scene. Decorate sugar cones with Royal Icing to make them look like trees covered in snow and add a couple of figures on sleds… a simple, but pretty cakes. The possibilities are endless!

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Hi Himali
Christmas knocking our doors, cakes has its own importance in Christmas eve. I think cakes have to be very special. My suggestion to you, instead of baking one cake you can make small cakes of different flavors. This will give a verity in your party. And people have many option, to have their favorite cakes.Hope you like my suggestion.