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Hello fellow decorators!

Quick question for you all. When you make cakes larger than 10", or tiered cakes, where do you get boxes to hold your cakes during delivery, or when a customer is picking it up? I always have a hard time finding boxes to fit the height of the cake, or even the size of the cake board. Any help would be appreciated :)

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Fun Fiesta Cakes ...

Try – they have great boxes at very reasonable prices – they are also on Facebook. I’ve ordered from them before and the service is great.

KNS ...

I send their tiered boxes are great and sturdy

Fazia ...

Thanks guys, I will check them out!

unctoothlady ...

For the cakes 12 inches and above (tiered cakes) I buy corrugated boxes (12×12×12, 14×14×14, etc….) I get mine from a local paper store. They also sell them in Walmart where the shipping supplies are. A little more than 1.00 each! UPS store sells them for like 9 bucks!

Ana ...

Thanks funfetti, I just bought cupcakes boxes at the place,they have good boxes and you don’t have to buy 100 to get a fair price.