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Could you help me? I am trying to post photo of one of my cakes on site but it keeps showing my photo upside down, it shows the cake in small photo as right but when I up load it turns up side down.
Help Babes.


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Michal Bulla ...

Hi Babes. You can’t rotate pics directly on the site, you have to do that on your computer before uploading. Here are some tutorials how to rotate pics:

1. On Mac using iPhoto –
2. On Windows 7 –
3. On Windows 8 –

I hope this helps.

Babes ...

Hi Michal, on my ipad the photo is the right way and when I press upload it shows it as the right way then you have to wait why it is up loading and then it turns it self up side down.

Michal Bulla ...

Babes – the issue is that ipad is turning your photo view, so it always looks like it’s turned ok. But it’s just the view. Try to use and you’ll see that If you upload it there, it will be sideways as well.