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Hi everyone,

I was just curious to know if their is a “favourite” cake people ask for all the time, what is your most common request for wedding and birthday cakes, what styles and colours do people like best?

I wasn’t sure if their is a fashionable cake, a cake that everyone wants, do people always want the traditional white wedding cake or do people ask for something different now?

And, are more people going for unusual flavour combinations or still looking for the tradititional fruit cake / vanillia cake / chocolate cake?

I’d love to know what’s going on in the cake world!! Xx

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Laura Loukaides -


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Cakemummy ...

Laura, great topic. 90% of the orders I get are for chocolate and caramel mud cakes and quite often they want layers of both in one cake. The majority of my orders for these come from people that have tried my cakes at occassions they have attended. It is said that word of mouth is the best advertising and I think it is true. Do you get repeated orders for any particular cakes? But the style of cake is usually always different.

Laura Loukaides ...

Thank you for your responses.
At the moment i’m not currently in business, i’m hoping to be by the start of next year,
all of my cakes so far have been for friends and family.

I was just curious to know if their is something everyone wants, that way I can get practising of different flavours and techniques before I throw myself out into the cake baking world.

The flavours you have both mentioned to me so far sound amazing!!

lorraine mcgarry ...

Hi Laura my most popular flavors are chocolate,vanilla or lemon poppy and I have two wedding cakes that are very popular my winter peacock and vintage flowers and ribbon rose the vintage one I have done 3 times in pink on pink ,purple on cream and the original pink on green and the peacock I’ve done twice all white, once with a bling ribbon in silver I have an order next year for it to have a pink bling ribbon and today I’ve just delivered it done in gold and cream . What I’m most proud of is they are both my designe’s so they have the same cake it just gets changed around a little to make it there cake :)

Cakemummy ...

Laura, work cakes are brilliant, I’m amazed no one has asked you to do one for them and pay you for it. You are so gifted, and I know you will be in demand once you get started.

Amanda Macleod ...

Hi Laura, I get lots of requests for lemon cake. Actually I just wanted to say hi. I recognised your name from Facebook and popped over to see your page. I cannot believe I have not liked it before now. I have just put that right. You have some beautiful cakes on your page and you obviously put a great deal of love, care and attention into all of them. Best of luck with your new business venture xx

June ("Clarky's Cakes") ...

The biggest trend here in my neck of the woods Laura, that I here from my “Pro” cake friends are cirrus flavoured cakes with chopped chocolate bars in them. Seem to be the hot trend. Almond and coconut candy bars are the most requested. In my daughters recent baby shower cake I used a family favorite chocolate cake with a peanut butter chocolate bar chopped Into the batter. Filled the middle of the cake with more of the same chocolate bar plus rough chopped maple flavoured Nanaimo bars. So easy and so yummy…. :o)

sandra05 ...

I need a white cake recipe from scratch to feed 40 please