What does the Facebook "share" counter refer to on gallery photos?

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I had posted a photo of a cake and it has next to it 25 Facebook shares. Does this mean the 25 people have shared this to their FB timelines? Is this trackable to see where or who has shared it? I don’t see it re-posted on the CakesDecor wall, so I don’t see it as a like on FB for that.

Just curious as to what this counter is tracking. Thanks!

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lorieleann ...

BTW, this is the cake I am talking about: http://cakesdecor.com/cakes/89378#comment-270927

Laura Loukaides ...

I have also wondered about this myself.
I think it is the number of times people have shared it to their personal Facebook accounts for their friends to see on their timeline.
I’ve seen this on a few of my cakes, if it is tracklable I’d like to know too,
It would be nice to see who is sharing your work.

Michal Bulla ...

Hey girls – yes it’s number of times people have shared your cake, but I noticed that it’s showing weird numbers sometimes. It looks like it counts some kind of score that takes likes and shares. Since it’s Facebook app, we are not able to track the shares.