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When I am making my cake toppers I am still getting cracking on them I am using 50 50 flower paste and 50 gum paste,, I have tried useing just gum paste but still I am having problems. I leave them to dry at room tempriture they start of ok but the next day I start to get cracking I am so frustrated I have tried useing shorting to when neandring my paste.
Can any one help me.


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Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer ...

I was getting cracking at lot when I was using satin ice fondant. I switched to fondx add 1tsp of tylose powder to 1 lb and now my pieces don’t crack anymore. I very rarely use gum paste anymore. Hope this is helpful and good luck.

Babes ...

Hi Prmiacakesplus, funny you just told me about satin ice as I was just looking that to buy some on the net, I will try your way first , what I have been using is plain sugar fondant Renshaw and mixing one tea spoon of gum tragacanth to 250gams ,
I have tried to to mix 50 Renshaw and 50 gum paste it seems to work but still getting small cracks.

Violet - The Violet Cake Shop™ ...

Hi Babes – I use homemade marshmallow fondant and have never had problems with cracking unless pressure is applied to a piece that has dried. If left alone after getting the shape I want, I have never had cracking. It might take a bit longer to dry than 50/50 but I find it a lot more forgiving and not really that much longer to dry. It often only needs 30 mins to an hour to get stiff enough to keep its shape after applying to a cake or if making pieces that I want to keep a flat look. Or 24 hrs for things like bow loops for loopy bow toppers that need to carry a bit of weight (i.e. from other bow loops) or torso pieces of figures. If you don`t want to make your own, then I`d try using straight fondant vs. mixing in gumpaste unless you want or need to make something very thin.

HTH – Violet

Babes ...

Hi violet, thank you for your advise as I am new to cake making I have never tried marshmallow fondant but I would love to give it a go, is your recipe online? Thanks again .

Violet - The Violet Cake Shop™ ...

I use one I found on-line at another site – I will PM you the link.

Fun Fiesta Cakes ...

Wilton has now come out with a new formula of modeling sugar paste that is excellent – especially for figures – it never cracks. You may also try adding a few drops of glycerin to your mix to make it more pliable.

Babes ...

Thank youFunfetti.

Jcandy ...

Great advice Fun Fiesta Cakes. I am new to cakes and I was willing to opt for gum paste for my cakes. Thanks for this valuable idea.