Could you help me please.

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I am looking to buy some cake equipment and decoration as I live in Spain we are very limited I was thinking of buying my Supplies from the USA could any one recommend a good company and would you know if I would have to pay import tax.
Thank you babes.


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CakesD ...

Hi, I know a great company based in the UK called ‘The Cake Decorating company’!
Am not too sure about import tax, am assuming you are a business? maybe they can help.

I know they do deliver worldwide and the UK is a lot closer to you than the US.
their website is: “”;

They have thousands of products so am sure you’ll find what you need.
Regards D

Babes ...

Thank you cakes d.

bobby66 ...

Hi Babes
Try searching the internet for cake decorating suppliers and you should come up with quite a few from the UK such as Squires Kitchen, Cake Craft World. There are plenty to choose from.
I live in France and both of these companies will post equipment and icing to you. The only down side is the postage as it usually goes on the weight. I use both of the above companies as well as the Cake Decorating Company and find that delivery is prompt, normally about a week.
Search the internet and the best of luck with you cake decorating.

Chocomoo ...

where do you live? I am going to spain next weekend if I can get you anything? I am happy to post it to you once I get there…if that helps you!

Lovebaking ...

Hi there,

I think Just Bake also deliver to Spain –


Babes ...

Thank you chocomoo you are so kind, I live in an area just outside Alicante in the south of Spain called Torrevieja where will you be staying when you come to Spain? The weather hear at the moment is still very hot and humid which affects the fondant all the time I find my fondant is cracking with the humidity in the air. As I am just starting out to do cakes and one day would like to do them as a business I need so many bits and pieces that I do really need to order on the Internet but you’re so kind to offer to bring things for me.
I have been reading your profile and it sounds just like me I’ve been a hairdresser all of my life and unfortunately I became ill with a bad back thew standing and working on my feet every day, I have just gone through to major surgery on my spine and the doctors said now I am disabled At this moment in time I am recovering from my last surgery so I need to rest for a few weeks before I can start making more cakes.
I would like to start up a small business here in Spain making celebration cakes and I hope I will be as successful as you, I need all the help I can get as we don’t have classes here in Spain where they speak English its very difficult to buy nice cakes that tease good to.
Maybe sometime in the future I will be able to make trips back to England to do classes so would be interesting to keep in touch with you so that if you have classes running I may be able to attend some.
Please keep Babes.

Babes ...

Sorry I meant to say please keep in touch Chocomoo.

JodyCakes25 ...


I would also recommend The Cake Decorating Company, their shipping costs are really competitive!!

Babes ...

Thank you Jody.

Susana ...

Hi Babes you can order from AMAZON.CO.UK ,i bought a few things to cake decoration online.

Babes ...

Thank you Analaria.