I do not like the taste of my butter meringue frosting.

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So I made my first butter meringue frosting wan was really excited. I made it exactly like the instructions and it turned out looking great, except I hated the taste. IMO the frosting does not taste good because it has too much butter. I love the taste of real butter, but this just it too much I think. Am I alone in this? Like to know what others think. Thanks in advance.

Mollie Burd


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Sere ...

Maybe it’s just too rich for your pallet? Try backing off on the vanilla first before you change anything else. If that doesn’t do it, replace 1/4 or 1/2 of your butter with hi-ratio vegetable shortening.

Goreti ...

I love Swiss Meringue buttercream but it does need a lot more flavoring than American buttercream. It is also important that you use unsalted butter. Did you just taste the buttercream or did you actually eat the cake with the buttercream? Not sure what recipe you used but I used the one on here http://fromscratchsf.wordpress.com/2011/03/08/tutorial-swiss-meringue-buttercream/. Since I’ve been using SMBC, the family does not want the ABC. The chocolate tastes like chocolate mousse. I add about 1/3 c of melted chocolate. I made it for a friend and she had never had it. She called me to tell me that the mousse frosting was to die for. You may want to try it with different flavorings.