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Hi all…
Has anyone able to have a screen shot or snap shoot of the daily top 3 cakes last sept 19, 2013?
My cake was on top 3 but was not able to check it bec I was busy with cakes my daughter,
Can u please share it with if u were able to screen soot it so I can add in my album pls….
Thank u so much….


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Jenniffer White ...

The page for your cake will indicate that it made the daily top 3 and include the date. Wait, try this link:


It should show you and you can take a screenshot of that. Congratulations!!

Michal Bulla ...

Or here is the widget – you got the link in the notification email -

MyTeaCakes ...

Thank you very much for your reply, yes I received the widget and the link notification,
I actually want the screen shoot along with the other top 1-3 cakes, (and the top cakes)
I was hoping that other cakers might have took a shoot and save it.

Thank you very much for your kindness and help..
I appreciate it.

Violet - The Violet Cake Shop™ ...

Hi there…I don’t have it at top 3 but do have a screen shot of it at 5th place – unfortunately I didn’t do any screen shots after my own hit top 3. Here it is in case you’d like it.

Violet - The Violet Cake Shop™ ...

Or this is good too…the post on CakesDecor’s FB page…it shows how many there “like” it too…


MyTeaCakes ...

Awww! thank you very much thevioletcakeshop!!!! This is what I was asking, I hope our fellow cakers was able to get a screen shot when our cake was on top 3!!!

Thanks dear really appreciate your help… :-)