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Hi all…
Has anyone able to have a screen shot or snap shoot of the daily top 3 cakes last sept 19, 2013?
My cake was on top 3 but was not able to check it bec I was busy with cakes my daughter,
Can u please share it with if u were able to screen soot it so I can add in my album pls….
Thank u so much….


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Jenniffer White ...

The page for your cake will indicate that it made the daily top 3 and include the date. Wait, try this link:


It should show you and you can take a screenshot of that. Congratulations!!

Michal Bulla ...

Or here is the widget – you got the link in the notification email -

MyTeaCakes ...

Thank you very much for your reply, yes I received the widget and the link notification,
I actually want the screen shoot along with the other top 1-3 cakes, (and the top cakes)
I was hoping that other cakers might have took a shoot and save it.

Thank you very much for your kindness and help..
I appreciate it.

Violet - The Violet Cake Shop ...

Hi there…I don’t have it at top 3 but do have a screen shot of it at 5th place – unfortunately I didn’t do any screen shots after my own hit top 3. Here it is in case you’d like it.

Violet - The Violet Cake Shop ...

Or this is good too…the post on CakesDecor’s FB page…it shows how many there “like” it too…


MyTeaCakes ...

Awww! thank you very much thevioletcakeshop!!!! This is what I was asking, I hope our fellow cakers was able to get a screen shot when our cake was on top 3!!!

Thanks dear really appreciate your help… :-)